Amtgard LARP

Amtgard is a Live Action Roleplaying Game (LARP) centred around Medieval fighting and magic. Felfrost is the Duchy representing the group of players which meet at least once a week, Sunday at 1pm at Hog’s Back Park in Ottawa, Ontario (See the map on the right). We encourage those 14 and older to participate in gaining some excellent physical activity, learning real world crafting skills, showing creative thinking during roleplaying and enjoying the first hand experiences only face to face camaraderie can bring. Come learn some real world crafting and make your own weapons, garb, accessories and build a name for your skills.

Felfrost is a Duchy in The Northern Empire which is in the Kingdom of Goldenvale. There are over 200 Amtgard parks across North America sharing the same rule set. You can pop in and play anywhere.

So How do you Join?

Hogs Back Park, Sundays, 1pm

What Kind Of Classes Can I Play In Amtgard?


Spell Caster that can freeze you with an Ice ball and then shatter you with a verbal spell. Or just Finger of Death You!


Wear a little chain mail, shake off an attack, use your true grit and kill some casters


Using your bow and some natural abilities to track those pesky Assassins out of their shadow steps


Can resurrect teammates or use them to create a bunch of Undead minions

But That’s Not The Full List

The full list of classes includes non-magic classes Assassin, Barbarian, Monk, Scout and Warrior. Magic classes Bard, Druid, Healer and Wizard. And if you’re a Knight in Amtgard you can play Paladin or Anti-Paladin.