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Record Keeper

The Online Record Keeper is where Amtgard keeps the statistics on parks, players, companies, awards, etc. Click the notepad to go to the ORK and search for Felfrost in the top right of the site under Parks

Our Corpora

Felfrost belongs to the Northern Empire which itself is under the Kingdom of Goldenvale. The Northern Empire is a registered non-profit and has a set of Bylaws which govern the parks belonging to the NE.

Latest Rules

The V8 Amtgard rules govern how the game works and how to make legalized weapons. It’s a bit of a read cover to cover but it’s very well written and if you find issue with something it can be updated.

Monster Manual

Like Dungeons and Dragons you can’t have a good quest without a few monsters right? This book outlines the characteristics for some monsters that work with V8 Quests. You can actually level up the Monster class by playing!