What are Officers?

Officers are elected officials of an Amtgard park. Terms last 6 months and serving in office is a way for individuals to contribute to their park in a directed way. It can be rewarding both personally and in terms of titles for having successful terms and moving your park forward.


The current Duchess of Felfrost is Alina Martinez (Modus) . The Duke is the overall lead for the government of Felfrost for a 6 month term.


Neil Rook is the current Regent of Felfrost. The Regent is in charge of organizing Arts & Sciences for the Duchy.


The current Chancellor is Ryan Sutherland (Varen). The Chancellor is the records keeper for the Duchy. Have problems with your credits on the ORK? Ask the Chancellor.


Kraagor will serve this term as
Champion. The Champion is responsible for coordinating weapon safety and running games on field.

Guildmaster of Reeves

Duncan Poole is in charge of Reeving on field and for providing tests to those wanting to become a Reeve